Umbrella Powder Coatings

Polyester (TGIC)

It is especially developed for use in the so-called exterior facade. It has a high-level resistance against sunlight (UV resistance) and other climatic conditions.

Polyester (TGIC-FREE)

It is improved as an alternative to Polyester TGIC groups, but generally, they have a similar structure as property. Especially in aluminium profile industry, Primid Polyester is used in coating in outdoor environment.


Super Durable Polyester is designed to provide better UV resistance and moisuture protection. Superior gloss retention and durability in terms of colour change are combined with optimum qualities to guarantee the highest degree of protection.


Epoxy group coatings are used especially when resistance against chemical substances is required. Gosaline supply tanks can be exemplified. Epoxy coatings indicate poor endurance to heat and ultraviolet rays, therefore, it is mainly used indoors.

Epoxy Polyester

Epoxy/Polyester coatings are developed to provide physical and chemical resistance properties together. It is used in indoor conditions. It indicates a better resistance against heat and ultraviolet rays comparing to epoxy type, but weaker than polyester coatings.


Comparing to other polyester exterior facade products, polyurethane group coatings provide better corrosion resistance as well as UV resistance. Above all, it is used as base in wood grain effect coatings.

Auxiliary Products

Auxiliary Products